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Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan hails Tipu Sultan as a hero, Shashi Tharoor is all praises for one bigot hailing another

Though history has glorified Tipu Sultan for his valour, there are recorded instances where Tipu had committed the most despicable atrocities against Hindus. Imran Khan has long been a favourite of India's self-proclaimed secular liberal gang, much of which forms a part of Congress' ecosystem.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter to express his admiration for Pakistan’ Prime Minister, Imran Khan for paying tribute to Tipu Sultan on his death anniversary. The Congress leader, on one hand, expresses his regards for ‘Taliban Khan‘ for reminiscing Tipu Sultan and on the other hails Tipu Sultan, a tyrant, by calling him a ‘great Indian hero’.

This hero-worshipping comes days after Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan took to Twitter to express his admiration, praising the 18th-century ruler of Mysore and to pay tribute to him on his death anniversary.

“Today 4th May is the death anniversary of Tipu Sultan – a man I admire because he preferred freedom and died fighting for it rather than live a life of enslavement,” Imran Khan tweeted on Saturday.

Though history has glorified Tipu Sultan for his valour, there are recorded instances where Tipu had committed the most despicable atrocities against Hindus. Tipu Sultan was a cruel tyrant who took immense pleasure in forcibly converting Hindus to Islam.

There are testaments, in the form of his letters, in which Tipu, time and again expressed his passion for forcible conversion. In 1788, in a letter to Abdul Kadir, Tipu says, “Over 12,000 Hindus were ‘honoured’ with Islam. There were many Namboodiris (Brahmins) among them. This achievement should be widely publicised among the Hindus. There the local Hindus should be brought before you and then converted to Islam. No Namboodiri (Brahmin) should be spared. Also, they should be confined there till the dress materials sent for them, reach you.”

Moreover, the list of Tipu’s atrocities was not limited to this. The Mysore Gazetteer asserts that over 8000 Hindu Temples were destroyed across South India by Tipu and his army.

Temples and Churches were ordered to be burnt, desecrated and destroyed. Christian and Hindu women were forced to marry Muslims and similarly, Hindu men were forced to marry Muslim women. Those Christians who refused to be ‘honoured’ with Islam, were ordered to be killed by hanging then and there.

Meanwhile, journalist and filmmaker Reham Khan, who was briefly married to Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in her article titled Imran Khan, the closet bigot published by Firstpost, had written how Imran Khan routinely uses derogatory words for Hindus and Christians. Imran Khan, the ‘liberal icon’ who famously flaunted his playboy image, had the same thoughts about women and rape like orthodox Mullahs, said Reham in her article.

Therefore, Pakistan’ Prime Minister hailing a tyrant and bigot is somehow justifiable. But for Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, expressing his admiration for a bigot like Imran Khan and also hero-worshipping an oppressor like Tipu Sultan only exhibits the deep-rooted casteism and bigotry, on which his party has been thriving for decades.

Congress’ approach towards wooing voters always seem to be caste or community-based. However hard they try to project a ‘Soft-Hindutva’ image, Congress’ predisposition towards the minority community cannot be shielded. Congress bigwigs like Digvijay Singh had ahead of Madhya Pradesh assembly polls made some objectionable statements, asserting that he had been receiving a bad name for helping the Muslims and Dalits because they are being constantly threatened from different sections of society.

Similarly Congress veteran, Kamal Nath was caught on camera resolving to use the Muslim card, weeks before the Madhya Pradesh state elections. In a ‘behind-closed-doors-meeting’, Kamal Nath was perceived saying that ‘only the Muslim votes can make the Congress party win’.

These statements coming from Congress veterans had exposed the devious intent of the party which has made Soft Hindutva in public, minority appeasement in private and creating caste divide in secret its latest mantra.

So far so, a decade ago, the Congress-led UPA government had submitted before the supreme court that “there was no historical proof of Lord Ram”.

Continuing in this context, in December, the Congress party had decided to maintain ambiguity over its stance on Ram Mandir by refraining from commenting on the matter.

Rahul Gandhi furthering the anti-Hindu stance, which his party actually, fundamentally, believes in, had told the US ambassador that Hindu extremists were a bigger threat to India in the context of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Besides this Hindu terror bogey, was the infamous communal violence bill which the Congress-led UPA government wanted to enact. All this is apart from the noise made by the state level leadership of the Congress, which includes Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah asking for the opinion of district heads regarding the withdrawal of cases lodged against people from the minority community.

Congress leader Sushmita Dev had specified its party’s intent, that if Congress comes to power, then Congress will scrap the Triple Talaq Bill, which was brought in by the Modi Government making triple talaq an offence.

Congress has mastered the art of playing the minority card to its benefit and has eventually developed into constant tactics where the party is always seeking the excuses to undermine Hindus, demonise Hindu practices and defame the community with lies and propaganda. Definitely, Shashi Tharoor is as much a part of the brigade. Probably this is the reason which made Shashi Tharoor go all head over heels for a bigot (Imran Khan) hailing an another (Tipu Sultan).

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