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‘Rambhakt’ Gulshan shooting in Jamia: A well hatched conspiracy? Here are some questions that need answers

"Journalists" who often behave as the backbone of Islamists were increasingly worried that the Islamist protest at Shaheen Bagh was giving BJP an advantage in the Delhi elections. While the investigation is still on, these pertinent questions must be answered for the truth to be revealed.

A man started shooting outside the Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi during the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. While walking backwards, almost scared of being attacked by the Islamist mob protesting against CAA, he fired one shot eventually as the police came within an arm’s distance. He has now been taken into police custody and one individual has been injured. The injured man has been taken to the hospital for treatment. In a video that has surfaced depicting the scene of events, the man can be seen brandishing a gun and raising slogans that are not entirely audible.

The man who was shooting in Jamia identified himself as ‘Gulshan’ (name changed) and has said that he did this to avenge the death of Chandan Gupta, a boy who was killed by Islamists during a Tiranga yatra. As soon as the shooting took place, the ‘Liberals’ started pronouncing their judgement, calling Gulshan a terrorist and blaming Anurag Thakur for egging this violence on. Earlier, Anurag Thakur during a political rally had said “Desh ke gaddaron ko” and the crowd had chanted “Goli maaro saalon ko”. Blaming this rally for Gulshan shooting in Jamia, the “Liberals” started alleging that this was the result of ‘nationalists’ spewing hate.

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The fact that ‘Liberals’ have been trying to shield Islamists and peddle the “Hindu terrorism” bogey without a factual basis, has led to several people questioning whether the Jamia shooting was staged by the Leftists right after the Anurag Thakur speech and before the Delhi elections. A point of contention is also that after the arrest of Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam who is a declared radical Islamist who wants to turn India into an Islamic nation, a conspiracy may have been hatched to shift the focus from the radical Islamists running riots since January by creating a “Hindu” object of hate.

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While more details are yet to emerge and we are not sure if this is a stage-managed event or genuine disgruntlement with the whitewashing of Islamic terrorists, there are certain questions that need to be answered about the shooting at Jamia.

Why was he started posting on his Facebook profile only in January

Gulshan Facebook page which was called ‘Rambhakt Gulshan’ was created in July, but Gulshan started posting on his page only in January 2020.

Even more interestingly, he had posted on his FB page created in July last year only after 6th January, when the Delhi elections were declared.

It is thus being speculated that this profile was perhaps created only in June and was used only after January as a planning for an incident such as this so it can be used at a time when the anti-CAA protests start losing steam or the Islamist nature of the protests start getting apparent in order to shift the focus.

It is also pertinent to note that the fact that the posts started appearing only after the elections were announced casts a shadow on AAP’s role in it considering AAP MLA Amatullah Khan has been at the heart of anti-CAA Delhi riots and has even been booked for it.

Unexplained page ‘likes’

It has also been revealed that the pages ‘liked’ by alleged ‘Rambhakt’ Gulshan who started shooting in Jamia has certain pages that are rather inexplicable.

It is now being speculated that perhaps this was a Facebook page of someone from the Left and not originally that of an alleged ‘Rambhakt’.

In his Facebook likes, Gulshan had ‘liked’ the pages of Ajaz Khan, who is a known Islamist and BHIM army chief Chandrashekhar Azad. The page of Azad was called ‘Bhim army ka sher’. Azad is the head of a dangerous political trope that believes in Dalit-Islamist unity and has proven to be rather anti-Hindu on several occasions. That a professed ‘Rambhakt’ would ‘like’ such pages seems rather unlikely, and thus, has given rise to speculations.

Strange behaviour of the media present while Gulshan wielded the gun

Interestingly, in the video that has emerged, while Gulshan was wielding the gun and threatening to shoot, the media personnel who were present in Jamia kept walking towards Gopal feverishly and the Delhi police stood as mute spectators.

While the obvious trope is to question Delhi police’s actions and somehow tie it to the Modi government it is pertinent to wonder why the media persons were moving so confidently towards a shooter wielding a gun.

The natural reaction of any person when another threatens to shoot is to take cover and not walk into the barrel of the gun head-on.

This strange behaviour of the media is now being questioned to ask if there was a larger scheme of things at play in this incident.

Strange behaviour of the police present

For any police force, arresting a gun-wielding lunatic without any untoward incident, with the media present and recording, is something to be proud of.

While the usual suspects would assume that the police present was “shielding” a “rambhakt”, the question that is now being asked is that why did Delhi police wait for the shooter to shoot and the media to approach before they apprehended Gulshan. There was ample opportunity to arrest the gunman before he fired the shot and that is what any police force would do.

The strange behaviour of the media and the police presence is being used to question whether this was a planned conspiracy and not a disgruntled ‘rambhakt’ trying to go on a rampage as is being touted.

When the media asked the shooter his name, why did he identify himself as ‘Rambhakt’

In the video, it is clear that when the media, who was strangely walking head-on into the barrel of the gun asked the shooter his name, he identified himself as “Rambhakt Gulshan”.

People are alleging that this might have been a conspiracy also because of the strange manner in which Gulshan identified himself.

It is being speculated that perhaps he identified himself like that so that his Facebook page would be discovered so it would be easier for the “Liberals” to run their agenda and shield the Islamist mobs including Islamist Sharjeel Imam.

The strange case of the Facebook profile being deleted while Gulshan was in custody

Strangely, the Facebook page of Gulshan that was called ‘rambhakt.gopal’ has been deactivated while Gulshan was in custody.

Only a few minutes go, the Facebook page went inactive.

Facebook profile deactivated

The question arises as to how Gulshan, who is now in police custody could deactivate his Facebook profile. The obvious question to ask here is whether this account was solely created and spread to propagate a certain narrative about the shooter and the incident.

Old Facebook profile of Gulshan mysteriously resurfaces

There is another old account of Gulshan that was active up until the shooting event. Once the ‘Rambhakt Gulshan’ profile was deactivated, this account was reactivated.

Facebook profile

As one can see, the last post in this profile was of 19th May 2018 and thereafter there are no posts.

The profile also was not active before the shooting and before the deactivation of the previous profile where he was supposedly talking about taking revenge on Shaheen Bagh.

While Mr ‘Rambhakt’ is in police custody, a profile of his has been deactivated and an old one has been activated. This certainly gives rise to the question of whether someone else is handling these accounts and whether this entire event was a well-hatched conspiracy.

UPDATE: After this report was published, this profile of Gulshan has also been deactivated while Gulshan is in custody. 

A Congress scarf?

In the profile of Gulshan that resurfaced, he is allegedly seen wearing a Congress scarf in his display picture as claimed by several on social media.

The media is trying to paint him as a BJP supporting “Ram Bhakt” while he is allegedly sporting a Congress scarf?

The coincidence of Sharjeel Imam arrest and the shooting happening on 30th January

Interestingly, it has been only a couple of days since Islamist Sharjeel Imam, the mastermind of Shaheen Bagh was arrested for making seditious speeches. News has now emerged that he is unapologetic and highly radicalised, wanting to turn India into an Islamist nation.

When such news has surfaced and with the media trying to whitewash Sharjeel as a ‘peace activist and scholar’, the coincidence of this Jamia shooting taking place on the 30th of January cannot be ignored.

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On 30th January, Nathuram Godse, who the Liberals like to erroneously call a ‘Hindu terrorist’ had shot Mahatma Gandhi in a political assassination.

That this ‘Rambhakt’ mysteriously surfaced from the crowd of protesters to wield a gun, along with the other questions that point towards a conspiracy, the fact that the Left wanted to create a false Godse-Gandhi equivalence cannot be ignored.


The Islamist mobs have been rampaging in the country protesting against CAA for several weeks now. With the deeply Islamist slogans, speeches and placards appearing, several “Liberals” had expressed worry about the protests losing their sheen and the reality of the mobs being made apparent. In fact, the “journalists” who often behave as the backbone of Islamists were increasingly worried that the Islamist protest at Shaheen Bagh was giving BJP an advantage in the Delhi elections.

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While the investigation is still on, these pertinent questions must be answered for the truth to be revealed.

Update: It has been revealed that the suspect of Jamia shooting may be a minor. In accordance with relevant laws, his name has been changed after this revelation came to light.
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