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Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh’s co-brother Jodhveer Dhaliwal seen leading attacks against Indian diaspora during ‘Tiranga-Maple’ rally

The members of the Indian-diaspora, who had participated in the Tiranga-Maple rally, have alleged that the attacks were carried out by people closely related to Khalistan sympathiser and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

On Monday, members of the Indian diaspora residing in Canada had organised a tiranga (tricolour) and Maple Car rally in Brampton to celebrate India-Canada ties. More than 100 cars had participated in the rally carrying flags of India and Canada on their vehicles.

Amidst all the positivity shown during the rally, the intrusion by pro-Khalistani elements became a significant problem as they not only abused the attendees and jammed traffic but also assaulted them for praising India. The car rally by the Indian diaspora did not go down well with pro-Khalistani supporters, who bullied people of Indian origin and abused them.

A series of videos had surfaced on social media platforms exposing the Khalistani members, who bullied and pushed down members of the pro-Indian rally. The pro-Khalistan elements infiltrated in the car rally hurled abuses at them and asked them to “go drink urine” while insulting the Indian National Flag.

In one of the videos, a pro-Khalistani supporter can be heard abusing, “Go and drink urine. Are you happy now (after he got hit)? Go and drink urine? Drinking urine will not make you strong you b*st*rd.”

In another video, Khalistani goons were seen confronting the peaceful rally of the Indian diaspora and hurling derogatory words against Indians and PM Narendra Modi. The videos shared by a group called REACH also showed how a member of the Hindu community living in Canadian MP and pro-Khalistani sympathiser Jagmeet Singh’s constituency shared her ordeal of the abuses, threats they face by pro-Khalistani elements in Canada.

Following the attacks by pro-Khalistan elements in Canada, the members of the Indian-diaspora, who had participated in the rally, have alleged that the attacks were carried out by people closely related to Khalistan sympathiser and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. One of the masterminds of the attacks on the Indian diaspora has been identified as Jodhveer Dhaliwal.

Jodhveer Dhaliwal is the co-brother (wife’s sister’s husband) of Jagmeet Singh and considered to be a close-confidante of the NDP leader.

Jodhveer Dhaliwal(circled) and his wife Manjot Dhaliwal with Khalistani sympathiser Jagmeet Singh/ Image Source: REACH

According to REACH, Jodhveer Dhaliwal himself is a rabid Khalistani sympathiser who glorifies Khalistani terrorists such as Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. In one of the images shared by REACH on social media, one can see Dhaliwal’s fascination for terrorists, who carries a tattoo of Bhindranwale on his arm.

Jodhveer Dhaliwal carrying a tattoo of terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale/ Image Source: REACH

According to REACH, Dhaliwal and other supporters of Jagmeet Singh were forefront at the anti-India attacks in Brampton last week.

In the videos shared by the participants of the rally, Jodhveer Dhaliwal can be seen spitting on the Indian flag carried by one of the NRIs during the Brampton car rally. In the video, Dhaliwal and his wife Manjot were seen abusing Indians and Prime Minister Modi, as members of the Indian diaspora took out a car rally to support the ties between the two countries.

According to REACH, the number plate of the car also confirms that the attacker was Jodhveer Dhaliwal himself.

Later, Jodhveer Dhaliwal and the other Khalistani sympathisers who had infiltrated the rally were also seen attacking the members of the Indians diaspora who participated in the car rally. In the video, Jodhveer Dhaliwal can be seen pushing one of the pro-India car rally participants.

The black-jacket clad goon pushing an Indian-origin person participating in the rally/ Image Source: REACH

The damning evidence has now proved that the Khalistani elements, led by Jagmeet Singh, had attempted to disrupt the pro-Indian rally in Brampton. The supporters of Jagmeet Singh descended on the streets to attack and abuse not just Canadian-Indians but also desecrate the Indian flag as retaliation for standing up for the cause of India-Canada ties.

Did Jagmeet Singh incite attacks against Indian diaspora for protesting against him?

Perhaps, the angry reaction by Khalistani sympathiser Jagmeet Singh against Indian-origin Canadian, particularly Indians, comes amidst the ongoing campaign against him in Canada by several persons of Indian origin, who have accused him of inciting Khalistani elements to target the Indians living in Canada.

Last week, several persons of Indian origin had staged a protest outside Khalistani-terror sympathiser Jagmeet Singh’s office in Burnaby, Canada, alleging that Khalistan supporters are targeting them due to ongoing farmers’ protest in India. Protestors had thronged at Jagmeet Singh’s office carrying Canadian flags and protested against fuelling hatred against communities during the ongoing farmer protests in India.

The protests outside Jagmeet Singh’s office come at the backdrop of his repeated attempts to incite Sikhs and other protesters in India to create chaos on the streets of India. Jagmeet Singh, who is notoriously known for supporting Khalistan separatism, has been trying to meddle into India’s affairs and has been at the forefront of carrying global propaganda against the elected Indian government.

Singh is not only accused of funding the farmer protests in the country but also believed to be the man behind song-writer Rihanna’s anti-Indian propaganda. Rihanna had stoked a massive controversy by not only interfering in India’s domestic politics but also by endorsing violence in the name of supporting ‘farmer’ protests.

In the light of these allegations, the NRIs had gathered outside Jagmeet Singh’s office to protest against fuelling tensions between communities in the name of farmer protests. Perhaps, angered by the growing protests against him, Jagmeet Singh orchestrated violence on the Indians during Brampton’s carry rally.

Jagmeet Singh – the notorious Khalistani-terror sympathiser

Jagmeet Singh, also known as Jimmy Dhaliwal, was born in 1979 to immigrant Indian parents in Canada. A lawyer-turned-politician, Singh is currently serving as leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) since 2017 and as a Member of Parliament since 2019.

However, Jagdeep Singh is known for his support for Khalistani terrorists and has openly voiced his support for the anti-Indian Khalistanis in Canada, earning him the tag of being ‘Pro-Khalistan’.

In 2014, the Indian government had denied Singh a visa to visit India for criticising human rights record of India. Denying him a visa, the Indian government had accused him of misusing the human rights cause to pursue his “insidious agenda of disturbing the social fabric of India and undermining the peace, harmony and territorial integrity of India”. He also became the first western legislator ever to be denied entry into the country.

In June of 2015, Singh, who was then just an NDP member of the Ontario legislature, appeared on stage at a Khalistan rally in San Francisco which had featured a large poster of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the Khalistani terrorist, who led an armed movement against India and had occupied the Golden Temple.

In 2016, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh had participated in a pro-Khalistani seminar and had even endorsed the use of political violence as a “legitimate form of resistance” to achieve an independent Sikh homeland in India.

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