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‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ brigade, which includes Mohammad Zubair, gets back to work, splash pictures of Hindu men accused of sloganeering against Mohammad

Mohammad Zubair, the out-on-bail co-founder of AltNews, who had also endangered the life of Nupur Sharma, retweeted another self-proclaimed Muslim journalist who had tweeted out the images of the Hindu activists.

The controversy over the Shahrukh Khan starrer Pathaan movie has taken a dangerous turn after it was reported that Islamists in Indore had raised the murderous “sar tan se juda” slogan in several places. VHP National Spokesperson Vinod Bansal had taken to Twitter to share two videos where the murderous slogans could be heard.

While the first video was captured outside the Badwali Chowki, the second occurred outside the Khajrana Police Station in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. In both videos, Muslim men, including young children, can be heard shouting “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki Ek hi saza, sar tan se Juda, sar tan se Juda” (call for the beheading of those who allegedly disrespect Prophet Muhammad) and “Allah ho Akbar” slogans.

Background of the controversy

On Wednesday morning, Hindu activists protested in several locations against the Shahrukh Khan starrer Pathaan movie. In one such protest, the activists reached Inox Theatre at Sapna Sangeeta Road and urged people not to watch the movie. They reportedly even sang Hanuman Chalisa in the theatre as a mark of protest. A few activists also gathered outside Kastur theatre under Chhatripura police station.

Reportedly, at the protest by Hindu activists, some Hindus raised slogans against Prophet Mohammad. The offended Muslim community at the location then met Commissioner of Police Harinarayanachari Mishra and lodged a complaint against the Hindu activists who were allegedly raising these slogans.

The Muslim community, staying true to tradition, started raising Sar Tan Se Juda slogans in several parts of Indore demanding action against the Hindu activists. Reportedly, Muslims reached the Chandan Nagar police station and raised the murderous slogan in front of the police station, a video of which had gone viral as well.

In a video shared by Vinod Bansal, Muslims could be seen raising the slogan in front of Khajrana police station.

Chhatripura police station in-charge Pawan Singhal said, “A protest was organised by an organisation in the premises of Kastur Talkies against Pathaan. During the protest, an unidentified person raised an objectionable slogan, following which some members of a community approached the police.” Based on the complaint lodged, a case was registered against some unidentified persons under Section 505 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Reportedly, after the purported slogan against Mohammad was raised, the Muslim community started protesting outside the Chandan Nagar police station. Thereafter, police officials pacified the protestors and informed them that since the incident had occurred in the Chhatripura police station, the FIR would also be registered there. The protestors then reportedly went and protested at the Chhatripura police station where an FIR was registered.

Late in the night on Wednesday, the police then arrested 4 Hindu activists who purportedly raised the slogan that offended the Muslims.

No arrests made so far of those shouting murderous Sar Tan Se Juda slogans, VHP issues statement

According to information with OpIndia, the Indore police have not arrested any Muslim man yet for raising the Sar Tan Se Juda slogan, which has led to actual murders and violence against Hindus in the past. After the slogans were raised, VHP released a statement about the incident where far more shocking revelations were made.

According to VHP, while the slogans were being raised, Muslims were identifying Hindus by the religious symbols they might be wearing on their person and were attacking them. According to VHP, some were physically assaulted while others were even attacked with knives. There are also several death threats which are being issued on social media and the VHP suspects that this matter could be violently escalated by the Islamists.

The VHP in their press note said that on the 25th of January, one Aijaz and his friends forcefully entered the house of one Hindu activist, Prakash’s father’s house and vandalised the property. Prakash had filed a report with the Chandan Nagar police station but no action was taken and no arrests were made by the Indore police.

The VHP statement further said that the 4 Hindu activists who were arrested, were arrested after the Muslims hatched a conspiracy against them. One of those who have been arrested, Tannu Sharma, VHP said is especially on target since he has been working against Love Jihad in the past few months. Further, a few months ago, Tannu Sharma had started a campaign against the land mafia that had occupied land next to the Chandan Nagar airport. He had also filed a police complaint in the case. Seeing him succeed in his campaigns, the land mafia and the Jihadis hatched a conspiracy against him.

The VHP has demanded that Tannu Sharma be given security by the Indore police and ensure the safety of the others arrested in the case as well.

4 audio clips that call for the killing on Hindu activists

Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also submitted to the police 4 audio clips that are now circulating on WhatsApp where a Muslim man can be seen abusing Hindus and demanding for the head of Tannu Sharma.

In the audio, the Muslim man can be heard calling on other Muslims to find Tannu Sharma so he can be killed. In one of the audios, the Muslim man says that he would not have given the call for murder if it was not a question of Islam, but now that Prophet Mohammad has been named, these Hindu activists should be found and killed.

In another audio, the Muslim man is heard making a call for “sar tan se juda” against those Hindu activists who have been arrested.

On social media as well, a hashtag against Tannu Sharma has been seen trending where Muslims have made calls for his arrest and his beheading. Congress politicians, AIMIM politicians and so-called Muslim journalists and portals came together to put a target on the back of Hindu activists.

Millat Times and its “journalists” were at the forefront of stoking trouble.

AIMIM and Congress politicians also joined in.

‘Journalists’ and media leak images of Hindu activists, paint a target on their back

Muslim centric media portal, Siasat Times was the first to splash the images of the 4 Hindu activists arrested on their news report. The images of the 4 was used as a featured image by the portal, painting a target on their back.

Featured image by

Another handle, Sameer Khan, who claims to be an actor and a writer also tweeted the image of the 4 Hindu activists arrested.

Screenshot of the tweet

Mohammad Zubair, the out-on-bail co-founder of AltNews, who had also endangered the life of Nupur Sharma, retweeted another self-proclaimed Muslim journalist who had tweeted out the images of the Hindu activists.

Screenshot of the tweet

“Gustakh-e-Rasool ki Ek hi saza, sar tan se Juda, sar tan se Juda”, which translates to “There is only one punishment for being disrespectful to Rasool (Prophet Muhammad), their head separated from their torso, their head separated from the torso”, an Islamist clarion call, has become a staple feature of violent protests that have, in the name of blasphemy, erupted in almost every corner of the country.

Such violent Islamist protests have so far claimed the lives of many Hindus. Most notable cases include the murder of Mahashay Rajpal (killed in the 1920s for publishing Rangeela Rasool), Kamlesh Tiwari (killed in 2019 for alleged derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed), Kanhaiya Lal (killed in 2022 for supporting Nupur Sharma), Umesh Kolhe (killed 2022 for supporting Nupur Sharma), Kishan Bharwad (Killed in 2022 for publishing a visual image of Prophet Muhammad), Harsha (killed in February 2022 for his fierce stand against wearing the Burqa at college campuses) and many others.

In the case of Nupur Sharma, it was Mohammad Zubair who had first tweeted an edited clip of hers from a TV debate, which led to Islamists across the globe making beheading and rape threats against her. So much so, that Nupur Sharma will probably never be able to lead a normal life after her life was endangered and fanatic Muslims vowed to murder her for her comments where she merely quoted what the Islamic texts say. The very same lobby now seems to be active to endanger the lives of 4 more Hindu activists, whose images are now being shared with the claim that they insulted Prophet Mohammad. With the Indore police arresting the Hindu activists and not the Islamists who raised the murderous slogans, the lives of the Hindu activists seem to have been endangered further.

Given the murderous history of the slogan and how it has led to violence and beheadings, it is unfathomable that elements like Mohammad Zubair and other Islamists are unaware of the ramifications of sharing the images of Hindu activists on social media. One can only assume that the intention of sharing these images is that of painting a target on their back.

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