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‘They wanted to overthrow democratically elected govt’: Pro-Khalistan Canadian lawmaker justifies Emergencies Act against ‘truckers protest’ in Canada

Singh accused the protesters in the convoy of harassing citizens, food bank operatives, and those who were wearing masks.

On February 16 (local time), pro-Khalistan Canadian lawmaker Jagmeet Singh justified imposing the Emergencies Act on protesters in Canada in 2022. While replying to a media query about the Emergencies Act Commission report that was released on February 17, 2023, Singh said that the protesters had a set goal in mind- To overthrow the ‘democratically elected government in Canada’.

In his statement, Jagmeet Singh claimed that the imposition of the Emergencies Act represented a failure on every level of the government to respond to the “serious problem of the convoy”. He blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not considering the seriousness of the situation. Furthermore, he also targeted Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the Mayor of Ottawa for not taking the situation seriously in the initial stages.

Singh accused the protesters in the convoy of harassing citizens, food bank operatives, and those who were wearing masks. Singh claimed because of the protests, thousands of people lost thousands of working hours. “Businesses were shut down. Kids were struggling to go to school. People could not sleep at night… It was pretty horrible,” he said. He further claimed the police colluded and supported the convoy and said it failed to control the mess that led to the government being forced to impose the Emergencies Act.

‘They wanted to overthrow the democratically elected government’

Accusing the protesters of aiming at overthrowing the Trudeau-led government, Singh said, “It is important to keep in mind the convoy made their goals very clear. The central organizers made it very clear what their goal was. Their goal was to overthrow the government. They didn’t hide that. They stated it boldly on a website and they have repeated it in numerous press conferences. They wanted to overthrow a democratically elected government with a committee of their own choosing.”

He added, “Their goal was to overthrow the government and to replace it like in a fascist way without having any elections without having elected officials. It was pretty serious that security forces were still working with them despite their clearly stated goals.”

The hypocrisy of Jagmeet Singh at its best

It is funny that Jagmeet Singh blamed the protesters for “attempting to overthrow the government” in Canada and justified imposing the Emergencies Act to “prevent it”. Notably, on February 8, 2022, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau imposed the Emergencies Act. The action from the Canadian government was taken in response to the protests that started on January 29, less than 10 days before the Canadian government imposed the Act.

Reportedly, a convoy of 2700 trucks had entered Ottawa to protest against the ‘undemocratic’ Covid-19 policies of Justin Trudeau including mandatory vaccination for truckers entering Canada through the US-Canada border. Dubbed the ‘Freedom convoy’, it has amassed support from all sections of the public.

Jagmeet Singh is the same person who wholeheartedly and excitedly sided with the farmers blocking the Indian capital Delhi while protesting against the Government of India, just months before what happened in Canada. So much so, he offered dessert to Mia Khalifa, a Playboy model, and porn star, for supporting farmer protests. At that time, Jagmeet Singh and the Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau, and other lawmakers from the country tried to meddle with India’s internal matters and cheered on the protesters.

The protests against the now-revoked three Agriculture Laws created havoc in multiple states and created an economic loss of thousands of crores. It caused massive losses to businesses in Delhi and neighboring states. There were calls for removing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and even death threats were given from the platforms.

However, the same Jagmeet Singh who justified imposing the Emergencies Act had sided with the protesters in India for his own political brownie points, trying to appease Khalistani elements in Canada.

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