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SAD’s Harsimrat Badal peddles fake claims, tries to turn farmers’ protests into Hindu Vs Sikh issue

Another bizarre claim that Badal made during her speech was that the central government is not interested in talking to the farmers. In reality, since the first round of talks in December 2020, the Government so far has held 11 rounds of discussions with the farmer unions.

Former Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Badal addressed the Lok Sabha speech on February 9, 2021. Badal was presenting her views on the Agriculture Laws and ongoing farmer protests. She started her speech with the mention of Guru Nanak Dev, the first Sikh Guru, who gave three pillars of Sikhism that are Kirt Karo, Naam Japo and Vand Chakho. That means earn by hard work, pray to God and share what you have or earn.

Up to this point, MP Badal sounded concerned about the farmers but soon after she took the turn towards attacking the central Government, making communal remarks on Hindus. Her speech soon turned towards peddling Hindu-Sikh division narrative.

‘Farmers faced bullets’: Badal’s false claim

Badal made an explosive claim in which she alleged that the security forces had used bullets (gola baari) along with water cannons and tear gas shells on farmers during November clash when farmers tried to enter Delhi via Singhu border. In reality, security forces did not fire a single bullet during any clash with the farmers, let it be in November 2020 or on January 26, 2021.

‘Police attacked unarmed farmers’ – claimed Badal

During her speech, Badal said that police attacked unarmed farmers during the clashes. During both November and January clashed between police personnel and protestors, farmers had used their heavy-duty vehicles including tractors to break the barricading put in place by the police. During January 26 violence, police personnel were attacked with batons and swords.

Some protestors tried to mow down the police personnel with tractors when they were stopped. At Red Fort, police personnel on duty were cornered, beaten up with batons, kicked and pushed from a wall. There were thousands of protestors who were carrying swords and other weapons. One protestor was also seen waving an assault rifle on January 26.

‘Government is stubborn and not talking to the farmers’: Badal says even after 11 rounds of talks

Another bizarre claim that Badal made during her speech was that the central government is not interested in talking to the farmers. She claimed that the central Government is stubborn and in 75+ days since the protestors reached Delhi, not even a single minister has approached farmers. She also claimed that there were no attempts to discuss the issues with farmers during the protests that were happening in Punjab since September.

Contrary to her statement, the Central Government had made several attempts to talk to the farmers in Punjab before they started to march towards Delhi. Reports suggest that the farmer unions denied it with a new demand every time the Government opened the route for discussion. When the farmers started moving towards Delhi, a date was already fixed for a meeting and unions could have waited for the date given by the central Government. However, they decided to march towards Delhi, creating a situation of chaos.

Since the first round of discussion in December 2020, the Government so far has held 11 rounds of discussion with the farmer unions. The Government has asked them to give a list of problems and discuss the laws clause-by-clause. Farmer unions have shown stubbornness in the matter and demanded that the Government must repeal the laws.

‘Everyone has put Nishan Sahib in bad light’: Badal

Badal claimed that the flag that was hoisted on Red Fort was Nishan Sahib and it is worn by Prime Minister and many foreign leaders during their visit to Gurudwaras. She claimed that by calling it an act of disrespect for Tricolour, everyone is putting Nishan Sahib in a bad light. However, Nishan Sahib, which is a triangular flag with the Sikh Holy symbol, was not the only flag that was hoisted on Red Fort on Republic Day. There was another rectangular flag too that very much resembles the flag used by Khalistan groups.

Moreover, the ramparts of the Red Fort are the place from where the Indian national flag is hoisted on every Republic Day and Independence Day. By placing religious flags on flagpoles of a place that symbolises India’s sovereignty, and flies only the Tricolour, the rioters had angered a large number of Indians.

Our Gurus sacrificed their lives to save your ‘janeu’ and ’tilak’: Badal converts farmers’ issues into Hindu-Sikh issues

Towards the end of her speech, MP Badal did not shy away from spewing venom for Hindus. She claimed that Sikh Gurus sacrificed their life for those who wear Janeu and Tilak. She claimed that Sikhs have always saved Hindus and now Hindus are demeaning Sikh Gurus. In reality, no one is against the Sikhs. During his recent speech in Rajya Sabha, PM Modi also mentioned the contribution made by the Sikh community in India’s progress. Throughout the debate and media hype of the farmer protests, no anti-Sikh remarks have been made. In fact, it was certain secessionist elements among the protestors who had made anti-India and anti-Hindu remarks, peddling secessionist Khalistani sentiments that is encouraged by Pakistan.

‘PM called farmers parasites’: Another fake claim

Another fake claim that Badal made during her speech was that Prime Minister Narendra Modi called farmers protesting on Delhi borders parasites. PM Modi referred to those who are always present in protests no matter what the agenda of the protests is. PM Modi said that these people thrive on protests and often turn the demonstrations into propaganda. Calling such professional protesters parasites, PM Modi said it is essential to identify them as they cause trouble for the nation. The PM’s remarks were clear in conveying that it was not against the farmers but the few political individuals who have been hijacking the protests to ain political relevance.

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