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Another paid PR campaign? ‘Comedian’ Trevor Noah uses text from Greta’s toolkit to peddle lies against India and farmer protests

Sharing the footages of far-left news portals such as BBC, CNN and pro-terror outlets like Al-Jazeera, Trevor Noah made several misleading claims to amplify the alleged protests. He also peddled the misleading claims against the new farm laws.

As the domestic support for the so-called farmer protests is dwindling gradually, the paid PR campaigns from abroad have been activated to push the leftist propaganda against India. More ‘international’ faces are being roped in to spread misinformation about a politically driven and secessionist-backed protest in India.

After song-writers, porn stars and ‘activists’ failed to influence India’s domestic politics, the alleged comedians have now descended to put out false propaganda against India. In his ‘The Daily Show’ on Thursday, the comic Trevor Noah shared an eight-minute-long segment titled, ‘If you don’t know, now you know’ on Twitter.

Noah, in the video, talked about the ongoing ‘farmers’ protests in India. The show’s official handle shared the video and tweeted, “Why are India’s farmers protesting? The government tried to change the decades-old agriculture laws, and that’s when the manure hit the fan. If you don’t know, now you know.”

In the video, Trevor put out images and footages of the so-called farmer protests against the three farm laws, in which one could see how thousands camping causing massive inconvenience. Sharing the footages of far-left news portals such as BBC, CNN and pro-terror outlets like Al-Jazeera, Trevor Noah made several misleading claims to amplify the alleged protests.

One such blatant lie is when Noah claimed that more than 250 million people are protesting against the government.

“We’re talking about India because, in a year of global protests, they’re [India] in the midst of the biggest one anywhere,” Trevor said at the beginning of the video. 

However, the claims of ‘250 million people protesting’ against the Indian government is nothing but a blatant lie and out-and-out foreign propaganda.

Where did this imaginary ‘250 million protesting farmers’ really come from?

Ever since the foreign ‘celebrities’ started voicing concerns about the farmer protests, these ‘250 million farmers protesting’ bogey has been doing rounds on the internet. Many media outlets, both domestic and international media, have been putting out these figures aggressively to claim that nearly one-fifth of India’s total 1.3 billion is out on the streets to protest against the government.

Many foreign media outlets and individuals have used these imaginary numbers to peddle false propaganda against India, and Noah has become the latest foreign influencer after song-writer Rihanna, porn actress Mia Khalifa and Swedish Andolanjeevi Greta Thunberg to spread lies about the farmer protests and new farm laws. The false claims are connected to the Greta Thunberg ‘Toolkit’.

As foreign vested interests were trying to amplify the targeted campaign against the Indian government, the school drop out protestor had inadvertently shared a ‘ToolKit’ that revealed the insidious nature of the global campaign against India.

The documents shared by Greta had made some shocking disclosures revealing that the alleged ‘farmers’ protest and the global support it received was not an organic one but a well thought out conspiracy against India. The documents shared by Greta Thunberg exposed that the conspiracy was plotted since November 2020, at the very least.

The document shared by Greta Thunberg listed a series of actions that people across the world can take to support the ‘farmer protests’ and also listed actions to be done. The document made categorically clear that the global attempts to incite unrest in India had begun much before the Republic Day riots. The document also contained several sets of pre-determined tweets that were supposed to be posted. The OpIndia research also found that some of those tweets were posted verbatim on Twitter in November 2020.

One of the documents embedded in the toolkit, titled, “Solidarity with Indian Farmers – Twitter Storm” instructed the social media users to tweet a series of tweets against the Indian government. The document, part of the ‘ToolKit’ shared by the Greta had clear instructions about the exact tweets to be posted, the people to be tagged to ‘garner international attention’ to the ‘farmer protest’.

The document also had a series of Twitter posts and message templates to be shared with each group and contact. One such message that was put out in the document was, “250 million farmers in India have taken a stand against the government as part of the biggest protest in history”.

Documents part of Indian protests ‘ToolKit’ shared by Greta Thunberg

Incidentally, the video shared by Trevor Noah in support of the Indian ‘farmer’ protests had the exact statements as published in the ‘ToolKit’. Noah’s sudden interest on the Indian ‘farmer’ also seems like a part of the same PR campaign, as the words, terminologies are lifted off from the Greta ‘toolkit’.

Noah whitewashes riots unleashed by Khalistani protestors

Continuing to put out misleading claims in the video, Trevor Noah says that more than 600 million people are into farming in India, that is about half of India’s population. It is not true as the estimates suggest that there are about 150 million farmers in the country.

Secondly, Noah in his show glorifies the protestors by adding that they were peacefully protesting against the farm laws that would ‘benefit’ private sector. As he speaks about the Republic Day riots in the show, he fails to put out facts about how the rioters disguised as ‘farmers’ attempted an insurrection against the Indian government, who not only brutally attacked police personnel but also disrespected the Indian flag.

By depicting the ‘rioters’ as peaceful protestors, Trevor joked about the violence and attempted to whitewash the crimes committed by the rioters. The Republic Day riots was one of the most shocking incidents in the recent history.

According to Noah, the farm laws put the lives of more than 600 million farmers at stake as it would allow farm products to be traded in ‘free market’. However, Noah ignores the fact that it is only a handful of protestors from one particular state Punjab, who are camping on the roads and most of the farmers in the country have already welcomed the recent farm reforms initiated by the government.

Essentially, it seems like Trevor Noah, who has no idea about either farmer laws or the protests, published a video about the Indian farmer protests only to amplify the chaos further. In doing so, Noah disrespected facts and ended up pushing the same old discarded claims put out in the ‘ToolKit’ that Greta accidentally shared.

OpIndia has extensively reported on how, per the documents leaked by Greta Thunberg, the tweets by Rihanna and Greta were in no way spontaneous and had been planned by anti-India propagandists well in advance. We had also reported the violent antecedents of Greta Thunberg and the organisations she is associated with, that lent support to the violent protests in India.

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